What The Experts Don’t Want You To Know (PDF)

What The Experts Don’t Want You To Know (PDF)

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Answers to 25 of the most crucial questions in the world of fantasy football


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Product Description

Fantasy Football for Smart People: What the Experts Don’t Want You to Know contains solutions to 25 of fantasy football’s most pressing questions. What’s the best draft spot? Do running backs really break down after a lot of carries? How should you project rookies? What’s the best waiver wire strategy? What the Experts Don’t Want You to Know will answer these important questions—and give you a wealth of fantasy football knowledge along the way—to provide the edge you need to make the jump toward becoming an advanced fantasy football owner.

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Table of Contents


  • Section 1: Which draft position is the most valuable?
  • Section 2: Do running backs really break down after a heavy workload?
  • Section 3: How much does a great quarterback help a receiver?
  • Section 4: Does week-to-week consistency really exist?
  • Section 5: How does the consistency of certain positions affect a draft board?
  • Section 6: How do you really find value in fantasy football drafts?
  • Section 7: What’s the typical age (and rate) of decline for each position?
  • Section 8: Should your first three draft picks be three running backs?
  • Section 9: What type of player should you draft in the late rounds?
  • Section 10: Are rookie quarterbacks the new rookie running backs?
  • Section 11: Do rookie tight ends offer value?
  • Section 12: How do you pick the best free agents on the waiver wire after Week 1?
  • Section 13: Are rookie wide receivers worth drafting?
  • Section 14: Do players perform better during contract seasons?
  • Section 15: How do you project a running back’s yards-per-carry?
  • Section 16: Which second-year running backs break out?
  • Section 17: How do you project wide receivers with rookie stats?
  • Section 18: Which second-year tight ends are worth a gamble?
  • Section 19: How do you predict quarterback success with rookie stats?
  • Section 20: How much does speed matter for running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends?
  • Section 21: How much does quarterback height affect NFL performance?
  • Section 22: Do injuries offer potential value?
  • Section 23: Can early-season average draft position (ADP) be useful in August?
  • Section 24: How can you tell which players are safe and which are risky?
  • Section 25: When and how should you draft a defense?