Fantasy Football (and Baseball) for Smart People: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Fortune

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Some people play fantasy sports with family and friends. Some do it for entertainment on a Sunday afternoon. And with the advent of daily fantasy sports, some people are attacking the game from an entirely new angle: to make a living.
Fantasy Football (and Baseball) for Smart People: How to Turn Your Hobby into a Fortune provides in-depth analysis on how to truly profit from fantasy sports. Working with the game’s top players who are already raking in tens of thousands of dollars per month playing fantasy sports, the book is a step-by-step guide to making money from fantasy football and baseball.
Using actual game data to analyze which strategies are winners, Fantasy Football (and Baseball) for Smart People takes a scientific approach to playing fantasy sports. No more guessing. No more dogma. Just bottom-line analysis to help you become one of the growing number of fantasy sports’ profitable players.
Know sports? It’s time to cash in.



1 Back to School: Building a Research Foundation

  • Where to start your daily fantasy sports research
  • NFL and MLB-specific research sources
  • Using Vegas lines to make money
  • How to use Twitter to become a better player

2 Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: How to Pick the Leagues You Enter

  • Understanding the different league types
  • Why you should enter more Thursday night NFL leagues
  • How smart league selection can increase your profitability

3 One-on-One: How to Wins Heads-Up Leagues (and 50/50s)

  • How to make more money by emphasizing certain player traits and stats
  • Why NFL 50/50s might be better than head-to-heads
  • How to efficiently build lineups to win heads-up and 50/50 leagues

4 You Down With GPPS!? How to Win Tournaments

  • How to increase upside to win big tournaments
  • Why you need to pair a QB with his receivers
  • Why everything you think you know about fantasy baseball strategy is wrong
  • Understanding tournament variance
  • How a contrarian tournament strategy can lead to big success

5 The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Creating Projections and Lineups

  • The stats that matter when projecting players
  • How to turn projections into values to build lineups
  • NFL and MLB walkthroughs from daily fantasy’s most profitable players
  • Site-specific strategies to win cash

6 Getting Analytical: An Appendix of Extra Data

  • Data on paying for pitching over hitting, how wind speed affects NFL stats, and more

7 A Sample from How to Cash in on the Future of the Game

  • Short sample on money management from my first daily fantasy book


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